Academic Network of European Disability experts

Directors: Centre for Disability Studies, University of Leeds (UK); Human European Consultancy, Utrecht (NL)
Member of Scientific Board (2008-2011) and country expert (2008-2014) for Germany: Prof. Dr. Anne Waldschmidt
Term: January, 2008 – December 2014
Funding: European Commission, Directorate General “Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities” (2008-2011), Directorate General “Justice” (2012-2014), Brussels

The Academic Network of European Disability experts is a pan-European academic network in the disability field. It was established by the European Commission in 2008 to provide scientific support and advice for its disability policy unit. The Network builds upon the expertise of existing disability research centres and networks, consults with disabled people’s organisations and is supported by organizational partners, national experts, thematic rapporteurs and external advisors. The philosophy and aims of ANED focus on research and policy advice that support the objectives of full participation and equal opportunities for all disabled people. The tasks of the Network are: co-ordination of critical disability research across EU/EFTA countries; establishment of a collaborative online working environment; analysis of existing data sources, collection of evidence and examples from different countries, and production of thematic reports on the implementation of the European Action Plan and the mainstreaming of disability in EU policy; monitoring international developments, including legislation and practice related to implementation of the UN Convention. The Network is co-ordinated by Human European Consultancy (Netherlands) and the Centre for Disability Studies at the University of Leeds (UK), with national experts in 34 countries and an additional pool of experts in specific fields.

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